Tips for Staying Unique While Searching for Your New Favorite Eyewear

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In today’s world of mass-market manufacturing, lots of things are the same. Clothing items, decor and even eyewear are produced en masse by major brands. Not only might this mean that you and countless strangers on the street could be rocking the same exact outfit, but you also lose a little bit of your individuality in the process.

Eyewear is one of these things. The frames you select for your face are personal—after all, they’re chosen to represent your unique style and personality and are fitted to rest on and accentuate your features. Unfortunately, you often can’t get the best level of individuality when you’re forced to choose from a selection of frames all made by the same few popular brands at a glasses store in New Orleans, LA.

In order to stay unique and stand out in a crowd, here are some tips for finding an independent eyewear brand you love.

Do your research

In order to figure out which brands of eyewear are made independently and which come from designer licensing manufacturers, you’ll want to do your research. Learn which brands are owned by major companies and which are most commonly found in glasses stores in New Orleans, LA.

Luxottica, which owns the licensing for and manufactures a lot of the popular name brands you see in stores, is one name you’ll probably see pop up time and time again in relation to eyeglass frames.

During this research, look up smaller, independent eyewear companies and learn more about what they produce. Typically, independent eyewear is crafted with quality and design in mind.

Find your eyewear destination

Instead of shopping for lenses at a glasses store chain or online brand, search for an eyewear boutique that stocks unique glasses frames. Some stores make a point to only carry handpicked frames from independent companies to give customers the satisfaction of shopping for unique styles that better fit their personalities.

When you find a store that carries independent eyewear brands, browse their selection and the brands they carry. If you aren’t sure which companies are independent and which ones aren’t, just ask! An associate will be able to help you find the perfect independent eyewear choice.

Independent brands are for quality and creativity

While there’s nothing terribly wrong with designer licensed eyewear, opting to go for independently created frames allows you to support smaller businesses, get great quality at a more affordable price and, most importantly, remain true to your style through your accessory choices.

Independent brands create appealing, beautiful eyeglass frames that you are unlikely to see on people passing you on the street. Plus, the added creativity and care that go into each design help create statement pieces that show off what makes you unique.

Find independent eyewear at Art & Eyes

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