The Top Eyeglass Trends of 2019

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Ready to update your look with a new pair of eyeglasses? Luckily for you, the 2018 trend of tiny frames is out, and this year is all about finding the perfect pair to work with your unique face shape. The new year comes with a few trends that feel straight off the runway with their bold designs, fun looks and flattering shapes. These upcoming trends will look great whether you’re walking down the street or putting in a late night at the office. Patterned, bedazzled and retro inspired frames will be sure to elevate your look this year. Read on to see the biggest trends in eyeglass frames in Orleans Parish, LA for 2019:

  • Patterned frames: Fun and flirty patterned frames always seem to channel the feeling of spring and summer. Classic shapes like aviators or round frames can easily be updated with statement patterns, like animal print, checkered patterns, polka dots and even a smattering of bright pink flamingos.
  • Big square lenses: This 1970s staple is making a comeback. Fashion designers are loving the retro big square frames! They’re a great choice for summer, as the oversized lenses block a larger portion of the face. Look for colorful frames paired with a vintage-inspired colored lens in amber or even a rose.
  • Cat eyes: Cat eye frames seem like they’ll never go out of style. This staple looks great on every face shape because it elongates the face and emphasizes the cheekbones. This year, look for a cat eye frame in a classic color, such as black or tortoiseshell, and give it an update by choosing a colored lens.
  • Blinged out: Jewels improve everything. A pair of bedazzled glasses just scream “glamor!” Colored gems, sparkling jewels and even fun flecks of glitter are providing much-needed updates to eyeglass frames in Orleans Parish, LA.
  • Candy-colored frames: Expect to see candy-colored eyeglasses taking over the runways this year. These fun glasses resemble hard candies with their semi-transparent frames in statement colors. Select the shape that best fits your face and upgrade it with an exciting blue or orange.
  • Oversized lenses: This look isn’t going anywhere. Oversized frames can make any outfit feel effortless and chic. They’ll give you a studious, yet attractive look while browsing for books or sipping a steaming coffee.
  • Red frames: You’ll feel like a heroine in an old movie in a pair of red framed glasses. They’re an easy way to make a bold, yet refined statement. You can find a wide range of colors, from fire engine red to a girlish rose. Best of all, they’re available in practically every shape.
  • Round lenses: This is another vintage trend we’re glad to see making a comeback. The round frames pair beautifully with a delicate wire frame for a carefree look. We recommend adding an oversized mirror lens with a delicate wire frame or a sheer colored lens to your collection.

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