What Happens When You Don’t Wear Your Prescription Glasses Every Day?

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Millions of Americans wear prescription glasses or contact lenses on a daily basis, but a lot of these same people may go days or weeks without wearing their prescriptions. Whether you don’t wear your prescription lenses because you forget to put them on in the morning or you avoid wearing your glasses because you don’t like the way you look, it’s important to consider the effects that not wearing your glasses can have. Understanding the importance of wearing your prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA can give you the motivation you need to stay consistent about wearing your glasses:

  • Immediate vision impairment: The most noticeable problem people experience when they don’t wear their prescription is immediate vision impairment. Depending on the type of vision problem you have and the strength of your prescription, you may experience blurred vision that can prevent you from completing daily tasks like checking your email, reading the newspaper or participating in your favorite activities and hobbies.
  • Incomplete eye development: When you wear glasses, you ensure that your retina receives a clear image, which helps promote healthy eye development. When people forget to wear their glasses, especially children, it can compromise healthy eye development and may even exacerbate existing eye problems. Wearing your prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA can help you maintain your vision and encourage normal eye development.
  • Headaches: A lot of people notice that they have headaches, migraines and nausea when they forget to wear their glasses. When you aren’t wearing your glasses, you have to strain your eyes a lot more to see things, and that can cause pain in your head. Not wearing your glasses can also cause you to feel fatigued and may negatively impact your energy levels, since you have to work harder without the help of your glasses.
  • Higher risk while driving: Your eyes are critical to your ability to drive, and any impairments to your vision can put you at a much higher risk of getting in an accident. If you forget to wear your glasses, you will likely have a harder time navigating the road and you will be far more likely to get into an accident. This is an especially big problem at night or in rainy conditions, when visibility is low and you need your vision to be even clearer and more reliable than usual while you’re driving.

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