Important Reasons Not to Overlook the Smaller Eyeglass Brands

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Eyeglasses are in a unique position where they are part medical device and part fashion accessory. As a result, purchasing a new pair can be a bit of a mixed experience for the over 64 percent of Americans who need glasses to correct their vision.

On the one hand, eyeglass wearers are usually excited to try a new style or return to an old favorite. But the cost of investing in a new pair of spectacles—even a seemingly simple pair—can cost hundreds of dollars. The cost can skyrocket even further if you have a complicated prescription or are determined to buy a trendy big brand. But buying from major brand names could end up costing shoppers more in the long run.

The cost of big brands

Luxottica is the world’s largest manufacturer of eyeglass frames. They own some of the biggest frame brands in the business, and also own major distribution stores like Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters and Pearle Vision. Luxottica controls a massive part of the supply and distribution chain in the eyewear market. It’s essentially one company posing as hundreds of different ones.

The problem with big brands

By dominating the market, Luxottica has complete control to set whatever prices they like. Shoppers end up paying more when shopping for eyewear in New Orleans, LA even though the actual products haven’t changed. Luxottica will inevitably edge out some of the smaller competitors. Brands will no longer have any control over the pricing. Eventually, the smaller brand names could disappear from stores entirely, leaving customers with no choice but to pay the ridiculously expensive prices set by the monster companies. It won’t be long before the biggest brands all start to look alike and get more expensive, while still offering the same level of quality.

The importance of shopping small eyeglass brands

Purchasing a smaller eyeglass brand pays off. You’ll likely notice a better selection of unique frames handcrafted for quality, instead of mass-produced with the goal of making a profit. The high quality is often worth the investment, as the glasses will last for years. Most authentic glasses brands also offer a warranty on the frames that will cover any breaks, damages or other issues that arise within a certain period of time. Plus, you’ll avoid the high markup and marketing fees associated with many of the huge designers. It’s clear that shopping small truly is the best option when it comes to eyewear in New Orleans, LA.

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