How to Choose the Perfect Glasses for Your Face and Style

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Have you ever noticed someone wearing glasses that seemed to perfectly suit their face? You’ve probably seen others whose glasses were not at all flattering. What’s the secret? Why do some people succeed at pairing themselves with glasses while others seem at odds with their eyewear?

Here’s the secret from your glasses store in New Orleans, LA: choose glasses that complement your face shape and style. It’s that simple. Of course, if you don’t know which styles are best for your face shape and preferred look, this doesn’t help. Use the following quick guide to choose the best glasses for your face:

  • Eyebrows: These are an important feature to consider as you choose your glasses. The top of the frames should follow the eyebrow line. If you have too much eyebrow below the frames or above them, they look unattractive. The exception is sunglasses—these should always completely cover the eyebrows.
  • Centering: When you put your glasses on, your eyes should fall at the center of the frames. This not only looks more attractive, it also provides the best positioning for viewing through the lenses.
  • Nose: Obviously, this can’t be overlooked as you make your selection at the glasses store in New Orleans, LA. While you should consider your face shape, this cannot alone determine which glasses you choose. If you have a particularly large or small nose, this must be balanced with what works for your overall face shape. For large noses, frames with a low bridge or a wide key hole work well.
  • Color: The color options for glasses at your glasses store in New Orleans, LA are nearly limitless. Which one should you choose? Look for hues that are complementary to your eye color.
  • Round faces: Angular shapes, such as cat’s eyes, are great for round faces. Avoid round frames.
  • Oval faces: Thin frames further elongate the face, so avoid them. Most other styles work well on oval faces.
  • Heart-shaped faces: Choose frames that are thicker on the bottom to balance out your pointed chin. Draw attention to your eyes with pin details.
  • Receding hair lines: Clear frames further elongate your forehead. Avoid these. Instead, choose dark frames with strong horizontal lines.
  • Close-set eyes: Larger frames are your best bet. Avoid glasses with dark nose pieces and light-colored frames. Detailing on the arms of your glasses can help broaden the look for your eyes and provide a flattering appearance.
  • Makeup: Glasses affect how makeup appears, so it’s important to apply it with your eyewear in mind. For eyeliner, choose one shade darker than your eye color. Apply concealer under your eyes to counteract the magnification of any darkness under the eyes. Define your eyebrows so your glasses don’t overpower them and take over your face.

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