The Top Sunglasses Trends for Men This Summer

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Now that summer is here, it is important to make sure that your eyes stay protected from the sun. If you want to protect your eyes in style this summer, take a look at a few of the top trends in sunglass eyewear in New Orleans, LA for the upcoming season:

  • Metal clip-ons: Metal frames have made a strong comeback in recent years, particularly the clip-on frame. Clip-on sunglasses have long been popular amongst prescription eyeglass wearers, as they present a convenient way to keep your eyes protected from the sun without having to buy an additional pair of sunglasses. With metal clip-on frames, you can enjoy this practicality while also putting your best fashion foot forward in a subtle and refined way.
  • Round vintage frames: The metal shapes of these frames are reminiscent of the popular styles from the 1970s, while the compact frame hails from the 1990s grunge era. For men who have particularly strong, angular faces that are narrow to medium in size, these frames will highlight these features so that you can really stand out in a crowd.
  • D-frame: This style of sunglasses is commonly recognized by its oversized angular look, and has been growing in popularity due to its combination of both futuristic and masculine characteristics. Because of their larger size, these frames look great on those with rounder faces.
  • Oversized aviators: Aviator sunglasses have always and will continue to epitomize men’s fashion, and the newer oversized design provides a modern touch to a classic look. The double bar bridge is particularly trendy, as it helps to add some flair with a masculine edge, making it a great touch for the man who is very fashion forward.
  • Square wayfarer: Wayfarer frames are another classic that has stood the test of time, with the style being updated with a slender, more lightweight design. Boasting practicality and durability, these frames are great for all ages and make a good fit on medium-wide or oblong faces.
  • Tortoiseshell: For those that want to make a fashion statement from head to toe, a pair of tortoiseshell colored glasses can be just the right accessory that not only protects your eyes from the sun, but also adds a splash to any outfit. Coming in a variety of colors, these sunglasses can complement a neutral-colored outfit, or they can stand out as a statement piece all on their own.

Just because you have to wear corrective eyewear in New Orleans, LA doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have access to these top fashion trends in sunglasses. Here at Art & Eyes we believe that everyone should be able to find a fashionable pair of sunglasses that matches their personal style, which is why we are ready to find the perfect pair of glasses just for you. No matter what your needs might be, we have something for you—make sure you pay us a visit right away to get started enjoying the summer in safety and style!

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