Proven Tips for Picking the Right Sunglasses to Match Your Face

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Have you ever seen someone with a pair of sunglasses that seems perfectly suited to their face? On the flip side, have you ever seen someone who clearly chose the wrong pair of sunglasses for their face? When choosing sunglasses in New Orleans, LA, it’s important to know the best way to go about this process.

Use the following insider tips from eyeglass professionals to choose the best sunglasses to match your face. You’ll be happier with your selection because you’ll look and feel great in your new shades!

Discover Your Face Shape

Which sunglasses are right for your face depends on the shape of your face. Before you start shopping for sunglasses in New Orleans, LA, figure out your face shape. Stand in front of a mirror and trace your face with a dry erase marker or other non-permanent tool. Look at the outline. What shape does it resemble?

Once you’ve determined your face shape, use the following guide to pick the best style of sunglasses for your face.


The goal is to lengthen your face, narrowing it and making it appear more oval. Choose frames with greater width than height to help balance your facial proportions. Stick with pointed, rectangular and square glasses. Good choices include cat’s eye glasses, aviators, wayfarers and butterfly styles.

If your face is round, avoid round glasses and glasses with narrow frames. Glasses with sharply defined edges will not be flattering, nor will geometrically shaped glasses. Stay away from colored lenses and glasses that cover your eyebrows.


Choose glasses that don’t disturb your face’s proportions. Avoid massive frames. Choose frames that are as wide or a little wider than your face, and make sure the upper part of the frame is in line with your eyebrows. Look for glasses with smooth-lined frames. Good choices include cat’s eye, butterfly and aviators.

Oval faces should not sport glasses with sharply defined edges. You should also avoid glasses that look too wide and frames that are very narrow.


For square faces, rounded frames help balance and soften your proportions. Choose from large glasses with colored frames. Look for frames that are the same width as your face. Oval, round or teardrop shaped frames are good choices. Consider frameless glasses, cat’s eyes and aviators.

If your face is square, avoid square frames with sharp corners as well as small, narrow frames. Also steer clear of glasses with frames wider than your face.


Your goal with a rectangular face is to make it appear broader. Choose massive glasses with slender frames. Consider aviators with large frames or round-framed glasses.

Rectangular faces should avoid narrow frames and small glasses. Additionally, glasses with bright, colorful frames will not be flattering on your face.

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