Is It Bad for My Eyes to Wear Non-Prescription Glasses in New Orleans, LA?

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You’ve heard a lot of rumors about what is good and what is not good for your eyes. You’re no longer sure what to believe. You want to take proper care of your vision, so you want sound advice. Luckily, your top source for non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA has reliable information for you.

When it comes to wearing non-prescription glasses, the answers are simple. Following is a quick guide to any concerns you may have about this fashion accessory.

Will wearing non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA hurt my vision?

To discover the answer to this question, consider the basic facts. Think about looking through a window. Does this damage your eyesight? No. Wearing non-prescription glasses is, in essence, the same thing. Simply looking through pieces of glass over your eyes will not hurt your vision. In short, no, it is not bad for your eyes.

Is there anything else I should consider about wearing non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA?

While wearing these glasses will not hurt your eyes, there are some things you should consider as you choose non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA.

First, the lenses still matter. You don’t need to get a prescription for the lenses, so you may only consider the frames. This is a mistake. Several types of non-prescription lenses are available, and you should keep your options in mind as you choose your glasses.

For example, many inexpensive non-prescription lenses cause extreme glare issues in photos. For more attractive pictures, choose non-reflective lenses. Others offer a protective film to help with glare from electronic devices. If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, you may benefit from this type of lens.

Why would I wear non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA?

This trend is growing in popularity. Those who do not need to wear glasses for vision correction are finding that glasses are a great fashion accessory. They can quickly change your look for the day, complement an outfit or offer a professional air for a business encounter such as an interview or meeting. Depending on the impression you want to give or the mood you want to set, glasses can help establish the tone for your day.

Where can I find a great selection of non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA?

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