Five Reasons You Should Shop for Eyewear in New Orleans, LA in Person

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Selecting new eyewear can be very exciting, yet challenging. If you are someone who likes to transform their style with new frames or you require an updated pair of glasses to accommodate an improved lens prescription, you have multiple options when it comes to finding and purchasing eyewear in New Orleans, LA.

Today, there are many online stores that sell a variety of eyewear choices, and it may be tempting to order online and have your glasses delivered to your doorstep. However, as professionals in eyewear, we caution customers against doing this; eyewear should always be purchased in-person at a physical store to ensure the best results. Eyewear is an investment, and the decision to purchase new glasses should be made with care. Here are five reasons you should shop for your new eyewear in person.

Ensure a comfortable fit

Whether you’ll be wearing your new eyewear all day, every day or only once in while, you want to make sure the frames sit comfortably on your face. When buying frames online, you’ll have no way of knowing whether they will fit properly. No two face shapes are the same, meaning incorrectly fitted glasses can slide off your nose, not hook on your ears properly or add uncomfortable pressure to certain areas of your face.

Not only is an improper fit extremely uncomfortable, but it can also cause vision problems by seating the lenses at the incorrect position near your eyes. For prescription lens wearers, an incorrect fit can cause headaches and decreased vision. By purchasing eyewear in person, you’ll be able to make sure the frames fit well on your face and can have them custom fitted if they need to be adjusted.

Find the perfect style

Eyewear is a way for you to show off your personal style and can accentuate your face if chosen carefully. However, when you shop online, you won’t be able to see what the frame looks like on your face! This means there’s a chance that you won’t like the way your new glasses look when you receive them.

Part of the fun of shopping for eyewear in person is trying on a variety of frame styles to find the perfect frame color and shape for you.

Avoid incorrect prescriptions

If you require prescription eyewear in New Orleans, LA to correct your vision, it is extremely important that you know the status of your vision and that you receive glasses with the correct lenses. Studies have shown that consumers purchasing eyewear online have a higher chance of receiving frames with incorrect lenses. Not only can these incorrect lenses cause vision problems for you, but they can lead to expensive and lengthy returns, exchanges and replacements.

When you shop for glasses in-store, you are much more likely to receive the correct prescription lenses right away.

Get help from experienced professionals

If you are new to selecting eyewear, making a decision on your own can be overwhelming. Most online shops do not offer assistance while you browse styles.

When you shop in person, though, an experienced eyewear professional will be available to help you make decisions about frame styles or lenses and answer any questions you might have during the process.

Tackle special eyewear considerations

Finally, those customers who have special eyewear considerations such as multifocals are much better off shopping for eyewear in person, where a consultant can assist them. Shopping online for eyewear that requires special consideration can lead to mistakes and costly replacements.

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