Helpful Tips for Matching Custom Glasses in New Orleans, LA to What You’re Wearing

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When picking out new eyeglasses, the automatic thing to do is try on a variety of eyeglass frames. You want frames that are a color you like, made with a comfortable material and the right shape for your face. Otherwise, the glasses are likely to get stuck in a drawer, never to be worn. Another consideration is making sure your frames—whether fitted with prescription lenses or just for style—matches your wardrobe so you look coordinated when you go out and about.

But matching your eyeglasses to your outfits is not as easy as it seems. Fashion trends change with the season, and your personal style may transform over time. But if you wear prescription lenses, you can’t choose to forgo wearing them just because they don’t accessorize well with what you’re wearing. Here are a few tips for matching custom glasses in New Orleans, LA to your outfits.

Coordinate with accessories

There is more to your outfit than just the clothes you are wearing. Putting together the perfect outfit includes wearable accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, hair clips and ties and even shoes, so for some people, it may be easier to coordinate their eyeglasses with their accessories. First, take note of the colors of your favorite accessories, the ones you wear most often, and then choose frames with colors that highlight them.

Take a look in your closet

While it’s a good idea to coordinate your frames with your accessories, you still need to take into account the clothes you own and wear on a regular basis. Open up your closet and scan everything with your eyes. Look for a pattern in the color tones you prefer. For example, your closet may be full of darker color garments like gray and black, earth tones or mostly bright colors.

Wear glasses that look good on you

Knowing the color scheme of your wardrobe is a good starting point when shopping for new eyeglass frames. However, ultimately, you need glasses that frame your face, not your clothes. Eyeglasses should make you look good, not make you feel self-conscious while wearing them. And since the frames sit on your face, your eyeglasses may be the first thing others will notice about you, so be sure you choose a pair that’s right for your face shape and is a color that looks good on you. Once you have frames that you love, now it’s time to match them to your clothes and accessories.

Don’t let eyewear distract from your outfit

While you want eyeglasses that look good on you and help you see, it’s also important that your eyewear does not distract from your clothing. Choose frames that blend well with your skin tone, and know that most rimless glasses pair effortlessly with most outfits.

Correcting your vision is important for your health and wellbeing, and knowing that you look good in your glasses is a boost for your self-esteem. To learn more about quality custom glasses in New Orleans, LA, give the team at Art & Eyes a call. We can help you choose the best stylish frames for your face and assist you in understanding your lens options!

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