Here’s Looking at You Kid: The Top Six Eyewear Trends of 2017

November 17, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Drawstring pants, off-the-shoulder blouses and chokers are just a few of the top fashion trends we’ve seen so far on the runway and on the streets in 2017. The year has been all about bold statement pieces and vintage inspirations. The hottest trends in eyewear have been no exception. From bold prints to vintage throwbacks, eyewear is no longer just for helping you see—it’s for helping you be seen.

At Art & Eyes, we handpick our ever-evolving collection of eyeglass frames in New Orleans, LA for those who look for frames that are as unique as they are. Here are just a few of 2017’s top eyewear trends that you can find at Art & Eyes this fall:

  • Thick-rimmed glasses: Thick-rimmed glasses are one of 2017’s more subtle eyewear trends, but they’re still great attention-getters and are guaranteed to have people sit up and take notice when you enter the room. While the most common silhouette for thick-rimmed glasses is a square frame, you’ll find them in oval and round frames as well.
  • Tortoise shell glasses: If you’re looking to rock a trendy pattern this fall, a tortoise shell frame is the way to go. These gorgeous blends of tans, golds, browns and reds come in a variety of palettes to fit any style and complexion. Class with a touch of fun is the best way to describe these frames.
  • Round glasses: Round glasses are perfect for the person looking to upgrade their look without getting too outside their comfort zone. Round frames are just different enough from the oval frames we’re used to seeing that they can give you that vintage-inspired look that is subtle but still fashion-forward.
  • Clear glasses: Completely modern and posh but still able to go with anything, clear glasses are probably the most futuristic frames you’ll see trending in 2017. Elegant and cool are very nicely combined in thick-rimmed, clear eyewear.
  • Metal/wireframe glasses: Metal frames may be subtle, but they make a big statement. Just like a classy string of pearls or a bold watch, wireframe glasses are statement pieces that stand out because of their beautiful subtlety. For a look that is distinct and unique, wireframe glasses are the way to go.
  • Cat-eye glasses: Our list of top eyewear trends would not be complete without mentioning these sleek and beautiful frames. Cat-eye frames are unique compared to the simpler silhouettes of an oval frame, and they offer lift to the face of the wearer and a more defined cheekbone. From sassy to simple, you can find the perfect cat-eye frames to fit any look.

For all of these hottest trends in eyewear and more, come browse our collection of eyeglass frames in New Orleans, LA. Whether you’re an Instagram star looking for something bold and fashion-forward or a business executive looking for a more classic look, you’ll find that Art & Eyes has the perfect frames to fit every style and every budget. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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