Top Men’s Eyeglasses Frames for 2017

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Do your current eyeglasses look like they are straight out of the 1990s? Then it’s time to trade them in for a pair more suited for this century. Men’s eyeglasses have transformed from purely functional to fashionable. Frame styles can range from the ultra-modern to vintage or classic, depending on your preference. Choose the perfect frame shape that best suits your unique face. Best of all, you don’t have to miss out on the ultimate accessory just because you have good vision—every style as also available in non prescription glasses in Orleans Parish, LA.

To help you get started on picking your new frames, we’ve assembled a quick rundown of some of the top men’s eyeglasses frames for 2017:

  • Vintage: Retro frames are making a big comeback in 2017. They channel some of America’s most stylish times. The 1950s- and 1960s-inspired glasses feature oversized frames with thick rims or double bridges. Typically, the top of the frame matches the brow line. Some of the most popular vintage styles include black wayfarers, aviators or the beloved clubmaster. Any of these will lend you an air of sophistication and style, perfect for transition from work to sipping on some scotch at the bar.
  • Classic: There’s a reason classic frames never go out of style. This timeless choice comes in a variety of different shapes and colors, which means you are bound to find a pair just perfect for you. Classic frame styles generally include minimalistic elements, which makes them an ideal selection for the office. But classic glasses don’t have to be all work and no play. The clean design is cool enough to be transitioned to a night look. Classic style frames will also work wonderfully for sunglasses if you’re looking to pick up a second pair.
  • Rounded: Rounded frames are incredibly in right now. This vintage inspired option is a favorite at festivals and in fashion magazines. But these can be tricky to pull off, as the incredibly circular frame doesn’t always look great on every face. Round eyeglasses will pair well with a square- or heart-shaped face. Everyone can get in on the round eyeglass trend with non prescription eyeglasses in Orleans Parish, LA.
  • Hipster: Hipster frames are quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of eyeglasses. The thick frames make a bold fashion statement when paired with the simple lines. The classic black and tortoiseshell frames will look good on practically everyone, but don’t be afraid to choose something a little different, such as an oversized frame or a unique color choice.

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