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With so many high-end fashion designers creating striking looks and quality products these days, it can be hard to keep track of the latest names in fashion design. But there’s one designer who has been making waves in sunglass trends for years—Francis Klein. Known for their unique shapes and jeweled frames, Francis Klein eyewear has been a favorite among many fashion-forward glasses-wearers. Learn a little bit more about the Francis Klein eyewear brand, and then stop by Art & Eyes, a fashion boutique that specializes in eyewear in New Orleans, LA, to find a pair that you love.

About the brand

Francis Klein is a French brand that was founded in 1970. Francis Klein and his wife had a vision of their own line that would bring together quality and fashion-forward designs. In the 1980s, Francis Klein began creating glasses that were both functional and fashionable, recognizing that many people wanted their glasses to become a fashion accessory in their own right. Their line stood out from the rest for their unique designs and daring styles. As the brand became more established, Klein’s two daughters decided to take their notoriety to the next level by opening an exclusive boutique in Saint Germain des Prés in the heart of Paris. Since then, the Francis Klein eyewear line has been designed, made and sold in France.

One of the things that has made Francis Klein so popular among glasses retailers is the fact that it has remained an independent company over the years. Many designers end up signing with a larger fashion conglomerate, but Francis Klein has continued to operate independently. This appeals to many retailers and consumers, since the designer has much more control over the product, which results in a one-of-a-kind line filled with unique and bold designs. The Francis Klein line is known for its designs that much more closely resemble works of art than plain old frames. They are known for their jewel-studded designs and striking frame shapes that look fantastic and are exceedingly durable to boot.

Where to get your Francis Klein eyewear

If you’re itching to get your hands on a pair of Francis Klein glasses, then you just might be in luck. The second largest distributor of Francis Klein glasses, second to their retail store in Paris, is Art & Eyes, a fashion boutique selling eyewear in New Orleans, LA. In fact, Francis Klein’s daughter, Dixie Klein, will be presenting a bold new design as a part of the latest Francis Klein eyewear line.

We will be celebrating the new line with a Francis Klein eyewear trunk show at Art & Eyes on September 21, for one day only! Everything at the trunk show will be made to order, meaning that you can feel confident knowing that your pair of glasses is truly one of a kind.

At Art & Eyes, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest-quality eyewear to each and every one of our clients. Stop by or give us a call to find out more information about our Francis Klein trunk show or to get more information about all of the amazing brands that we carry!

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