Explore 2017’s Top Trends for Sunglasses in New Orleans, LA!

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The summer is in full swing, and the hottest trends of the season are flooding social media. Sunglasses, the accessory of choice for everyone from models to Hollywood icons, have been appearing on Instagram in various forms and fashions. Whether you like to try daring new looks or you simply want to find a nice pair of shades for a casual day at the beach, you can explore these top trends in sunglasses in New Orleans, LA for 2017 to get a little inspiration:

  • Cat eye: The cat eye sunglasses evoke the retro glamour of classic Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Even though this style got its start decades ago, the trend is still going strong during the summer of 2017, being sported by such celebrities as Taylor Hill.
  • Round lenses: Round glasses are a trendy addition to a summer outfit. They offer a distinctive style that is certain to turn heads.
  • Hexagonal lenses: This geometric lens shape is not for the faint of heart. The bold frames speak for themselves and have been seen on supermodel Cara
  • Flat top frames: Gigi Hadid rocked the flat top shades this summer, and the fashion world took notice. This style has been popping up at sunglasses retailers all over the place in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Oversized wayfarers: Reese Witherspoon drew attention to the oversized wayfarer trend this summer. With one of the most popular models of one of the most popular sunglasses brands, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers.
  • Retro oval lenses: If you want a summer look that screams vintage, oval lenses are right up your alley. This frame shape came straight from the 1960s and is back in full force in modern fashion.
  • Metal inlay: The metal inlay glasses strike a perfect blend of cat eye shape with a vintage oval shape. The unique cutout design of metal inlay glasses means that you can combine a retro frame shape with modern details.
  • Black on black: This summer, black is the new black. Bella Hadid sported a statement pair of black on black shades that gained instant popularity among fashion-forward beachgoers everywhere.
  • Aviators: Finally, the style that has never really gone out of style—the aviators. Still going strong in 2017, aviators are one of the most popular sunglasses choices among consumers. Even though the distinct shape of aviators has stayed consistent, new designs and nuanced details mean that you can make this style truly your own. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of aviators!

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