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Winter Is Here! All the More Reason for New Sunglasses

Nov 9, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Need an excuse to get new glasses? If you’ve been dying to update your collection, there’s no better reason than the fact that winter is here. You need eye protection during a New Orleans, LA winter just as much as if you were shredding the slopes in Aspen. Even on cloudy days, you need to protect your eyes. The sun’s UV radiation doesn’t stop affecting us, even when it’s pouring down rain. Eye protection should be a 24/7, 365 days per year goal—which is an excellent reason to update your eyewear collection. Here are the reasons you need sunglasses even... View Article

Should I Get Prescription Sunglasses?

Jul 22, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Many people consider prescription sunglasses to be a good investment. With prescription sunglasses, you can protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and look good at the same time. Prescription sunglasses come in a huge variety of styles, so you’re sure to find a pair that you love. That said, there are some disadvantages to prescription sunglasses that you should be aware of. Read on to learn more about prescription sunglasses and their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of prescription sunglasses Some people choose to get contacts so they can still wear their favorite sunglasses with ease. However, contact lenses aren’t... View Article

Arm Yourself with Nice Sunglasses and Protect Yourself from UV Radiation

Dec 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

We all know that a great pair of sunglasses makes us look cool—but there are more benefits to wearing sunglasses than that. The benefits of non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA are numerous. None is more important than protecting your eyes from UV radiation. Your vision and health are two of the most valuable gifts possible, not to mention an excellent excuse to pick up a new, high-quality pair of fashion sunglasses. Here’s a closer look at what UV radiation does to your eyes, and why it’s so important to protect them every time you go outside. Why do I... View Article

Five Important Considerations When Buying Sunglasses

Nov 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Sunglasses go beyond reducing the sun’s glare. They also offer protection from sun damage to your eyes and your skin. That is why you need to make a considered purchase, rather than choosing just any old pair at your local drugstore. Visiting NOLA high-quality sunglasses stores can help you find a stylish pair that offers the protection you need. Here are five considerations to keep in mind as you shop for sunglasses: UV protection: Everyone requires eye protection against UV radiation. UV rays are light that we cannot see, but they are harmful to our eyes. They are divided into... View Article

Can Wearing Colored Sunglasses Really Boost My Mood?

Oct 28, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Winter is rapidly approaching, which means shorter days, longer nights and less of the abundant sunshine Louisiana is known for. With activities currently restricted during the pandemic, the typical winter conditions can quickly become tiresome. At Art & Eyes, we have a novel solution: wearing colored sunglasses. Not only is it a fun fashion statement, but wearing colored lenses may actually boost your mood and ease seasonal depression. That’s not bad for an accessory from your favorite local sunglasses store in New Orleans, LA. How colored sunglasses improve mood Color therapy might seem a little kooky, but humanity has been... View Article