How To Gift the Perfect Pair of Frames or Lens to a Loved One

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Glasses are a personal thing, but, if you know someone well enough, you can pick out a perfect frame for those that you love. Glasses are expensive, and being able to give someone the gift of a great pair of seeing glasses or sunglasses is a great thing. There are some tips that you can use to help get the perfect glasses for your loved one this holiday season. The Best Eyewear Gift Ideas   One of the first things that you should do is take the time to learn a bit about what your loved one likes. What color... View Article

5 Reasons Why Sunglasses Make a Great Gift

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Sunglasses are something that are useful to everyone. Even if you are not someone that wears sunglasses all the time, having a great pair can make a big difference and can be a great addition to any collection and your wardrobe as a whole. Gift Glasses This Christmas Sunglasses are a great gift that can be a fantastic addition to any collection and any wardrobe. There are a ton of reasons that sunglasses are a great option for gifting. Knowing why gifting sunglasses is a good idea can help you take that next step to buy the perfect pair. 1. Sunglasses... View Article

How To Choose the Right Pair of Prescription Glasses

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For many people, it’s that time of year! Time to schedule an appointment for an eye exam and new prescription glasses. Choosing the right frames is essential, as it’s another way of showcasing your style and personality — and you want your unique prescription glasses to match. And that’s where we come in! To help make your search easier, we have the top mistakes to avoid when choosing your next prescription or vintage prescription eyeglasses. Not Getting an Exam The first mistake many people make is not scheduling an eye exam and just purchasing the same prescription they’ve been using.... View Article

How To Style Sunglasses in the Winter

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People tend to associate sunglasses with spring and summer and the warmer months, but sunglasses can be a great addition to any outfit no matter the season. There are a ton of ways that you can style your sunglasses to fit your outfit, even in the colder months. Sunglasses can be a great addition to any outfit if you know how to style them correctly. Winter Sunglasses Trends There are a ton of ways to style your sunglasses, but the best way to do it is to choose frames that will work for your face and your particular style. There... View Article

Keeping Your Glasses Clean This Winter

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Glasses are a must for many people. They help people with impaired vision to exist and to flourish. That being said, they do tend to fog up when drastic temperature changes occur. Anyone with glasses can attest, the fogging of glasses when you go from indoors to outdoors can be especially annoying. There are some ways that you can keep them from fogging up and keep them clean this winter. Pre-Treating Glasses Do your glasses keep fogging in cold weather? One of the best things that you can do is to take the time to pre-treat them. Using warm, soapy water to create... View Article