What Should You Do with Your Glasses After Lasik?

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If you’ve just had Lasik surgery in New Orleans, LA, congratulations—it’s almost like seeing the world with a new set of eyes. Now that you can see clearly without the help of your prescription eyeglasses, you might be wondering what to do with them. Instead of sending them to the landfill, there are plenty of practical eyewear ideas to give an old pair of glasses some new life. Read on to discover the most beneficial ways to recycle your glasses after Lasik. Turn them into sunglasses If you have perfectly good frames and want to make good use of them... View Article

Product Spotlight: Check Out Henau for Couture Eyewear

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It’s easy to buy glasses online these days, but if you care about style and design, you won’t be satisfied with mass-produced frames. If you’re someone who cares about style, you’ll want unique eyewear that really reflects who you are. If you live in New Orleans, LA and want unique eyewear, shop at the area’s premier provider of eyewear and fashion accessories for people who want to wear stylish frames, handmade clothing and artful jewelry: Art & Eyes. Our high-end, art-to-wear boutique is a great resource for the person who wants excellent vision and visionary design from their glasses. We’re... View Article

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Glasses for You and Your Style

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Choosing glasses is one of the most important style decisions you can make. Glasses can be the first thing people notice about you, and can make the biggest impact of anything you wear. You shouldn’t make such an important purchase online. Instead, visiting a customized eyewear shop is the best way to make sure you know what you’re getting and love the glasses you wear. Art & Eyes is the place to go in New Orleans, LA for a high-end, customized eyewear shopping experience. Before you visit, here are some tips for choosing the perfect glasses that will be best... View Article

Arm Yourself with Nice Sunglasses and Protect Yourself from UV Radiation

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We all know that a great pair of sunglasses makes us look cool—but there are more benefits to wearing sunglasses than that. The benefits of non-prescription glasses in New Orleans, LA are numerous. None is more important than protecting your eyes from UV radiation. Your vision and health are two of the most valuable gifts possible, not to mention an excellent excuse to pick up a new, high-quality pair of fashion sunglasses. Here’s a closer look at what UV radiation does to your eyes, and why it’s so important to protect them every time you go outside. Why do I... View Article

Why You Should Never Look to Movies or Television for Trendsetting Eyewear

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Looking for the perfect glasses—or need a new perfect pair? If you want inspiration for beautiful or cool or trendsetting eyewear, don’t look to the movies or that amazing artsy prestige television series. If your first reaction to that was a surprised “huh?” you’ll probably be shocked to learn that movies and television aren’t known for their up-to-the-minute eyewear knowledge. Art & Eyes’ founder Starr Hagenbring used to work in the art department on features and spots. Read on to learn more about fashion eyewear in New Orleans, LA and how on-set glasses selection works. Welcome to the props department... View Article